Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Action needs to be taken now.

Hey community,

As some of you may know, retail services at the Civic Center Post Office (101 Hyde) are non-existent. That means you can not buy stamps, send packages, or even mail a letter from this location. This site houses rented PO boxes and provides the city’s General Delivery services (mail pick-up service for those who have no mailing address). As a result, the all but abandoned location has been attracting a variety of illicit behavior and has become a public safety concern.

Recently, Alliance for A Better District 6 along with it’s community partners and fellow box holders (Alliance is a box holder) have been working on restoring full service to this Post Office and we've finally made some progress. The Board of Supervisors has scheduled a public hearing on this issue. This is the first step toward making change, and we really need your support to make this happen.

Please come out to the hearing on February 14th and testify, and inform your neighbors to come to City Hall. And look for our ad on the back cover of February issue of Central City Extra.

Get as many people as you can to SIGN THE PETITION ONLINE:

On February 14, 12:00pm, there will be a rally at 101 Hyde St . From there we'll march over to City Hall. Hearing begins at 1:00 in Room 263. Wear red for Valentines Day. Ask the supervisors to help mail your Valentines Cards! And tell them to stop disinvesting in our community!

Let’s get our full service post office now.

Michael Nulty
Executive Director
Alliance for A Better District 6
P.O. Box 420782
San Francisco, CA 94142-0782

Please sign this NEW petition requesting a Full Service Post Office at 101 Hyde.
We need a safe and full service facility.
Please send this link to others.
Thank you.


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Anonymous said...

about time the community acted on this issue. Praise to the organizers of this action and the post office patrons who have endured years of neglect from the postal service.